What is a good Life

Author: Louise Kretzschmar

Prescribed Reading at Unisa for Ethics courses.What is a good life is a question asked by many people. Why can’t the pursuit of money, power or status provide us with a good life? Why is it that who we are as persons and how we relate to others and our environment is important? Why are a spiritual life and a close relationship with God essential? Why are the lives of some of those who claim to be Christians immoral and unappealing?

To become a person of integrity one has to learn how to differentiate between good and right conduct and senseless and damaging actions. This book does not provide all the answers, but it introduces various ethical problems and suggests how to deal with them.

The book offers a model of moral decision-making based on various ethical theories. The model is applied to contemporary ethical problems facing the world, particularly Africa. The issues of leadership, land, the marginalisation of women and children, HIV/AIDS, the environment, the economic problem of debt and the ethical role of the Church in Africa today are discussed.

Authors from various backgrounds who investigated current ethical issues suggest the way forward: how one can make thoughtful and practical ethical decisions; how individuals and communities could be morally formed. They challenge, inspire, motivate and equip the reader to become a moral agent in their community and help to build a better life for all…