The Path to Love

Author: Byeong Hei Jun

When outsiders talk about Islam, the focus, if it is not on Islamic law or jihad, is usually on articles of faith. Islamic spirituality and piety is seldom given serious attention. In this book Byeong Hei Jun redresses this imbalance. He demonstrates that the personal relationship with God, manifested in an ever deepening love for God, is central not only to the teachings of the Sufis, but also to that of al-Ghazali, one of the most noted theologians of the Golden Age of Islam. The combination of wide learning and deep personal piety that one finds in al-Ghazali is no less impressive today than it was in his time. Jun has made the thoughts and struggles of this man accessible to the modern reader. In this way he has also paved the way for a form of an inter-faith dialogue that, instead of rehearsing ancient quarrels, goes to the heart of every living faith – the relationship with the Holy.
Douglas Lawrie, Associate Professor: Department of
Religion and Theology, University of the Western Cape

Byeong Hei Jun: The Path to Love – The meaning and experience of love for God in al-Ghazālī. (Gospel and Islam Series 2). AcadSA: Kempton Park, South Africa 2008, 266 pp., Rand yyy,00. – ISSN 1995-0101, ISBN 9781920212322.