The Heart of a Woman -What Every Man Should Know

Author: Akida K. Sababu

There have been numerous books written by, for and about women, but this is the very first book written about women from the mind and heart of God. The Heart of a Woman – What Every Man Should Know will be controversial, to say the least. This book puts into words the thoughts of countless millions – both male and female. Men will no longer enter into relationships with women blindly – not knowing what to expect. On the other hand, women will, at last, begin to understand themselves more completely, and comprehend some of their own complex and perplexing motives behind their varied actions, reactions and responses.

Men, do you want to know what makes a woman ‘tick’? Brothers, do you want to what really makes a woman happy? Do you want to know the secret to a dynamic relationship? What is the secret to a satisfying and successful marriage? When a woman says, ‘I do’ in a marriage ceremony, what does she actually mean? Women, do you sometimes lash out at your husband; then ask yourself why you did it? Do you want to understand yourself better as a woman?

What is a Proverbs 7 woman? Are you a Proverbs 7 woman or a Proverbs 31 woman? Find out how to become both a godly woman and virtuous wife. Is a wife required to submit to her husband, or can they submit equally to one another? Have the terms of the male-female relationship changed in the 21st century? Has the Bible become obsolete in the face of modern trends? What does the Word of God have to say about the issue of submission? The Heart of a Woman – What Every Man Should Know thoroughly probes these hot-button issues of the day, and much more, including the ultimate wedding, the ‘marriage made in heaven’ – the ‘Marriage of the Lamb’.

Take this book with you everywhere you go, and use it as a handbook and your gateway to a better future.