Muslim Expansion in South Africa

Authors: Manfred Jung and Christof Sauer:

The demographic development of Islam in South Africa is difficult to assess, because religious affiliation has been omitted in the 2011 census.
This volume provides material to fill a small portion of this gap. On a national level it maps and interprets the demographic changes and movements of Muslims between 1996 and 2001.
Additionally it explores the under-researched topic of Islamic expansion in Black townships. In three case studies the history and demography of Islam in specific townships is documented. The choice reflects a cross-section of different situations which are representative of other townships in the Western Cape, if not elsewhere in South Africa.
The added value, from a Christian perspective, lies in the engagement of the author with Christian leaders in these communities, motivating an increasingly meaningful encounter with Muslims. The contribution relates the findings with principles of a biblical oriented, holistic and contextually relevant approach to Christian ministry among Muslims which can also serve churches in other townships.

Manfred Jung and Christof Sauer: Muslim expansion in South Africa – Demographic and township perspectives.. (Gospel and Islam Series 3). AcadSA: Panorama, South Africa 2013, 120 pp., Rand 98,00. – ISSN 1995-0101, ISBN 978-1-920212-76-6.