Let God be God

Author: Sipho Banda

Another conscience-prodding book from the author of “like an eagle… run and not be weary”.
The writing is still fresh, unpolluted, fearlessly and virtually unapologetic. The book reveals how the Almighty God, the Yahweh of the Israelites, has been watered down by the current Church.

It was inevitable therefore, that someone had to join the remnant (few) and tackle the dragon by its horns. From the first chapter to the last, the book screams, “bring God to his rightful position”.
Are we, as the latter times Church, ready to echo the word of the inhabitants of Jerusalum that; “blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord”. Are we ready and eager to accept and embrace anything (and anyone) who comes in His name?

This book shows where the latter times Church has really compromised the Sovereignty of our God. A profound revelation about God, in His originality, is guaranteed to each reader of this book. Just consider this revelation so clearly expounded in this book, “we are too logical for miracles to manifest”!