Centres of Healing

Author: Dr H Leon Klein

Centres of Healing deals with one critical, revolutionary and yet neglected tool of healing, namely – The Counselling Ministry in the Local Church. More and more individuals and families turn to the local church for help with their emotional, spiritual, mental, economic, social and rational problems.

Is the local church adequately resourced and equipped to deal with this multi dimensional challenge in society? The answer is no, if done in isolation. This book, through practical steps, shows how the local church could develop and manage a self-sustainable and multi-disciplinary Church-based Counselling Ministry. The effectiveness of such a model is dependant on the interdependent relationships the local church has with lay people, professionals, community service providers, business, institutions of higher learning and other churches in the local community.

This model enables the local church to create a context through which God’s work of healing and transformation is done efficiently, strategically and wholistically through the collective gifts, skills, experiences and resources of others. Any local church, irrespective of size, location or resources, will find this book a helpful and powerful resource in realizing the healing goal of Christ in a broken world.

Dr Klein developed a unique system of Counselling Ministry Development and Support through his own experiences and the expertise of professionals, lay counsellors, counselling ministry leaders, community service providers institutions of higher learning, church and business leaders. This approach offers an integrated, practical, proven and easily implementable and duplicatable Counselling Ministry concept. Beyond this book, churches are also supported through the National Counselling Centre Development Ministry (NCCDM). NCCDM offers a national network of support via a Call-in service, internet support, professional consulting services, visits to ministries, continued training and materials necessary to start up Counselling Ministries.